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Mega sale at Ragnarök! Each release for just 5€ !

Everything has its time! And after a decade it’s finally time to close the doors and reach out for new goals! It was fun as long as it lasted, but now it’s  over!


I wish luck to everyone who gave me a helping hand over the years (Joachim, Marco, Jörg…you know who you are…) and wish all my past and actual bands to find another great - and hopefully bigger - label! They deseve it!  


Also a big “Hello” to all contributors, writers, editors, mags, fanzines, customers and all the friends I found over the years!

Thanx for the ride guys!

You will find all still available Ragnarök releases in the shop of my homepage .


Of some of them there’s only a handful left, others should be more easily to get.

But each one is only 5€ plus postage. If you have questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanx for your time and patience (for reading this) and hopefully one last order!


Thrash on my friends!


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