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Emman's Road to Recovery

Emman had a freak accident that injured his cervical spine last Sunday that paralyzed his body from the neck down... We are still in shock about the sudden incident and we have to delay our band plans for the meantime...
We the family, and friends of Emman Tadena are requesting compassion from those who recognize him as he is in dire need of medical assistance at the moment. Unfortunately, his family is currently financially burdened and is appealing to those who recognize Emman to assist Emman's family financially in providing the best medical care that he can get.
Those who follow Emman's activities would know that he is a very dedicated person through his musical works which is evident when one sees his involvement in playing bass with his band Mass Hypnosia. He contributes to the band Absit Omen as well. His bandmates and all of his friends see him as a dedicated person who always pushes his band to pursue whatever it takes to see the band achieve success.
Being one who is known to be a very friendly individual, his family and friends are not only saddened but are still in a state of shock at seeing his current condition. Thus his family and friends are currently hoping for his recovery and doing their best to assist him to achieve that.
So we the family and friends of Emman Tadena are hoping that many out there will assist us in helping him this time around.
We are looking forward to our brother Emman fully recovering and talking to us again, sharing stories, and most importantly continuing to love and be loved by the ones whom he cares about namely his friends, his family, and those who appreciate his gift of music to the world.

Tags: mass hypnosia, bassist, thrash metal, higher cervical spinal injury

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