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Long gone are those times when the USA and Western Europe had been the hot spots for quality thrash metal. Other countries followed with original bands and left their mark upon the metal map. Just think of Sepultura.

 howler bandpic 400x240For Central America there was building up a new hot spot for the last few years. There`s no doubt that the amount and quality of thrash metal bands from Costa Rica is outstanding. One of the leading forces there is definitely HÖWLER who have accepted to release their new album, which is by far their strongest work, via german Ragnarök Records.  



  • Sign Of The Lost (EP) (2012)
  • Metal Legion (Split) (2012)
  • Back To Madness (2014)
  • Phantoms Of Society (EP) (2017)
  • Fallen But Not Forgotten (2018)
  • No More Circus! (2020)
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