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Lost World Order

lost world order

Yet another Thrash Metal-band? Yes, but Lost World Order is neither a retro-group living in the past nor a modern stakkato-band. The quartet based in Bielefeld, Germany, is stuck in the present, delivers killer riffs and lets litres of sweat flow whenever it hits the stage.

Lost World Order was founded in early 2008, and only a few months later the debut-album „This Apparatus Must Be Earthed!“ saw the light of day. The band’s name embodies pure desperation caused by the current political and social situation, what becomes obvious in the lyrics of the debut. On „This Apparatus Must Be Earthed!“ the band shot straight against George W. Bush, while on the second release „Marauders“ the whole world is challenged. All songs on the album belong to a concept, which is set in a dystopian future after the third World War had taken place. The concept will be continued throughout several albums, and the headline is “endtime“ or, in German, “Endzeit“. The question is if the modern world most people lament could get any worse. The answer is: yes! „Marauders“ starts off with World War III, deals with cannibals, degenerated human beings, sickness caused by radiation, a megalomaniac plus a tragical love story. All expressed cryptically enough to find evidence in the present.

Musically, the quartet shows its roots that are based in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in the German Ruhr Area. But instead of simply copying, Lost World Order creates a unique style. Lost World Orde hit the road in 2008 in order to graduate the „Triple Thrash Treat“-tour with the likes of Hatred and Cripper. The quartet also got several support-slots for bands like Dew-Scented, Desaster, Tankard, Sacred Steel, Onkel Tom Angelripper and the legendary Exodus.


  • This Apparatus Must Be Earthed! (CD/LP) (2008)
  • Marauders (CD/LP) (2009)
  • Parasites (CD/LP) (2012)
  • Tyrants (CD/LP) (2016)

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