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Maze Of Terror

Maze Of Terror

Thrash Metal the south-american way! Since 2011!

Founded by  Hammer (Drums), Leviathan (Bass and Screams) and later joined by Criminal (Guitars).

In June 2012 the band launches the EP „Skullcrusher“ under Capricorn Records,  later reissued by Total Desaster from Argentina.

A south american tour leads them to Bolivia where they open for legendry WHIPLASH, in 2013 they open for german legend DESTRUCTION in Arequipa and in Lima for other legend EXUMER. 2015 the mexican EBM Records label from Mexico reissues the EP Skullcrusher as a split-CD with greek thrashers Amken. In September the same year they make another tour in Bolivia, opening for the legends TOXIK , MX  and PENTAGRAM. 2016 sees them touring different cities in Ecuador, sharing the stage with great bands like Nightprowler, Conjure, Ente and others. That same year they launch their first full length-album „Ready To Kill“ which was released by belgium Empire Records on Vinyl and CD and in cassette format by P-18 Records. This succesful album is distributed on tape by Neverheard Distro and CD and Vinyl worldwide by Soulfood, In 2017 they open for the masters CHAKAL, SADISTIC INTENT and REENCARNACION in Lima while the album and the EP get another release as an special edition by spanish label Thundersteel .Later that year Nero Records from the US releases a split (tape only) with the californian thrashers from Witchaven which is now released on CD by german RAGNAROEK RECORDS. It’s called „DEATH FOR OUR RIVALS“ !!!!

Skullcrusher (EP - 2012)
Adrenaline Shot / Skull Crusher (Split – 2015)
Ready to Kill (2016)
Death for Our Rivals (2017 / 2018)

Leviathan: Bass and Screams
Criminal: Guitars
Hammer: Drums

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