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Formed in 1990 near Seattle, Rawhead were pushing a powerful fast aggressive metal style at a time when a flood of musicians and media descended into the Northwest hypnotized by the “grunge sound.” Long before the “yarl”, there was a dense network of heavy and aggressive music seething in the underground. A few of those bands broke through the hype and hooked up with small distributors and pioneering metal labels. Rawhead flew beneath the radar, independent and unattached to any imprint. Undeterred, they self-released quickly recorded demo cassettes out to local and international DIY networks of metal heads getting the music out into the trenches. In the wake of an overwhelming commercialized wave, Rawhead—like many of the loudest, heaviest, hardest hitting bands from that time in the Northwest—left the evidence in the echoes of those nights on the floors and in the pits of the live shows.

Something Crushes Spine - Demo, 1991
Bones Of All Men - Demo, 1992
Demonstrations - Compilation; 2017

Last Lineup:
John Enga - Vocals
Ben Nechanicky - Guitars
Alan Strathmann - Guitars
Michael Guth - Bass
Keith Hastreiter - Drums

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