Ragnarök Records-Special im ROCK HARD Magazin

ragnaroek rockhard 240Wow, großartig! Ragnarök Records wird in der Ausgabe Juli 2018 (Nr. 374) des Rock Hard-Magazins mit ein Records-Special gefeatured.
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Spring 2018: a blast for thrash fans ...

... as releases No. 9, 10 and 11 will be unleashed upon you!

eudoxis cover 200First is EUDOXIS`- The Gathering (RAG 009)        

35 years after coming into existence for the very first time in 1983 the franco-canadian thrashers EUDOXIS  have now decided to re-release all their previous and long sold out albums – the “Attack From Above-EP” (1986) and the full length “Open Fire” (1991) - on a special anniversary-compilation. The songlist is completed by two new tunes (2017/18) by the new formed follow up-band Screen with four of the ex-members.

Await some original and very intense thrash metal-tunes from the early canadian metal-days.

witchhaven maze of terror 200Second is the WITCHAVEN & MAZE OF TERROR-split-CD (RAG 010)

With the split “Death For Our Rivals” Ragnarök presents a thrash metal-assault that was originally released by californian Nero One-records on tape only. As there has been a big demand to release this on CD, we are proud to announce the release of this masterpiece for the first time on CD. Witchaven (San Bernardino, California) and Maze Of Terror (Lima, Peru) are two of the most zealousy, agile and popular underground acts worldwide.

If you are a true thrasher you have to nail “Death For Our Rivals”

Stormthrash Systematic Annihilation 200And the third strike is STORMTHRASH – Systematic Annihilation (RAG 011)

Please welcome StormThrash onboard of Ragnarök Records and make sure not to miss this true masterpiece! Our european pressing contains – compared to the japanese version – two bonus tracks. Stormthrash is a fascinating newcomer and their debut-full length “Systematic Annihilation” will be hard to top for any thrash act in 2018!

Look at releases and bands to get more informations about them and make sure to visit the shop to buy those items!

Souls Demise: Release No. 8 out on December 6th

souls demise anges of darkness mediumWith the anthology „Angels Of Darkness“ by Chicago-based thrash band SOULS DEMISE we are offering another CD that is a real gem for any thrash-fan. SOULS DEMISE was handled as the best unsigned thrash act of the millennium hailing from the Great Lakes-area. What you get is 15 songs with four different vocalists covering the whole period of their existence (1999-2011). One of the vocalists is Randy Barron, known for his fantastic work with Tyrants Reign & Winterkill.

If you are into thrash metal with great melodic guitars this one is definitely for you!

read more


Rawhead: Release Nr. 7 out on September 15th!

Rawhead Demonstrations 200It will be a re-release of fascinating thrash metal from the early nineties! Rawhead, formed in 1990 near Seattle, were pushing a powerful  fast aggressive metal style at a time when a flood of musicians and media descended into the Northwest hypnotized by the “grunge sound.”.

These contemporaries of “Forced Entry” (Combat Records), “Bitter End” and “Panic” (both Metal Blade), which they all quite often played with, will offer you all three of their demos (recorded from 1991 to 1994 - the last one was never officially released) on one CD. The songs are arranged in a track order that packs a punch. It’s proof that they had and still have a lot to offer to thrash lunatics and die-hard metal fans. From the speed pounding of “Something Crushes Spine” to the rapid-fire power of “Bones of all Men” to the psychotic gloom of “The Last One” this anthology demonstrates the potential of this killer machine ... read more


Mass Hypnosia-Interview in Rock Hard No. 360

cover teaser

After the extremely positive reviews in the metal press  Mass Hypnosia, the hottest metal act from the Phillipines, now got a nice feature ( "Rumble In The Jungle")  in Germanys leading Rock Hard magazine. Read it by clicking the picture.

Mass Hypnosias´ mindblowing album "Toxiferous Cyanide" is still available in the Ragnarök Shop.  Buy or die!

Release No. 6 on its way!!!

We are very proud to announce that one of the best and well known bands from South America have joined the RAGNARÖK family.

HATE S.A. have established themselves since 1993 as a leading force within the latin american metal community. In this time they have developed from a promising newcomer to – at least – one of the best groove thrash acts you`ve ever heard.  In 2017 RAGNARÖK will re-release their both sold out albums „La Sangre Del Tiempo“ and „Prevalecer“. The first one to be out in March 2017, the latter one at the end oft he year. Pre-orders can be placed through the shop of this website or by a private e-mail (see contact form on this website).

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RAGNARÖK-Release No. 5

Monday, December 12th 2016...RAGNARÖK-Release No. 5 has seen the light of day! 

(If you order the CD through the web-shop the price is 13,60€ in Germany!) 

Releaseflyer Mass Hypnosia

More great reviews - more fantastic bands

Hey Folks!

As more and more unbelievable great reviews for LOST WORLD ORDER`s "Tyrants" come ticking in (8,5 in powermetal.de; 4,3/5 in mano-cornuto.com; 9/10 in obliveon.de....more to follow soon) and ASSAILANT (7,5/10 in Deaf Forevers next issue) and CROWN THE LOST (8,5/10 in Deaf Forevers next issue, too) are still hot, I am proud to announce that MASS HYPNOSIA - the hottest thrash act from the Phillipines - have joined the RAGNARÖK family and their new album "Toxiferous Cyanide" will be released in mid-december 2016! Be aware!!!   

Neu bei Ragnarök: Lost World Order

Lost World Order - TyrantsGerman "Endzeit"-Thrashers LOST WORLD ORDER are going to release the final (and best) chapter of their endtime-trilogy, called "Tyrants", on Ragnarök Records. After the impressing first chapter „Marauders“ and the even better second one ("Parasites", released in 2012 on GoodDamn Records) we are very proud to release this masterpiece of complex thrash on Ragnarök. The official release-date is November 4th, 2016. Expect the best! Expect the end!!! :-)
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