Skull Koraptor - Chaos Station

Skull Koraptor is a Thrash Metal band from Athens, Greece. They released their first EP "Dead Ahead" in May 2014 and have shared the stage the following years with bands like Skull Fist, Destroyer 666 and Tankard among others.

The band is dedicated to spread the new wave of old-school thrash metal and after lots of hard work they composed 9 new songs and entered the studio to record their first album. Now they have finally finished their full-length album titled “Chaos Station”, which will be released by german RAGNARÖK RECORDS in mid January!

Selling Points:

  • Debut album by this Heavy/Thrash act
  • Greece once again shows that they have tons of talented bands
  • Shared the stage with Skull Fist, Destroyer666 and Tankard


1. Intro
2. Hatred
3. Blast It Out
4. Burnt Society
5. Next Station: Chaos
6. Breakthrough
7. Fatal Wrecking
8. Voices Of Despair
9. Obsessed


  • Dead Ahead EP (2014)
  • Chaos Station (2020)


  • 8,5/10 in
  • 8,5/10 in
  • 8,5/10 in
  • 8,0/10 in
  • 7,5/10 in ROCK HARD Mag (No. 395)
  • 7,5/10 in DEAF FOREVER Mag
  • 7,0/10 in
  • 4,0/5 in
  • 7,0/10 in
  • 7/10 in
  • 14/15 in
  • 12/15 im LEGACY Mag
  • (AUS)
  • (USA)

Hate S.A. - Prevalecer

Here we go again! Four years after its release in South America “Prevalecer” [herrschen (dt.) / to prevail (eng.)] is available for the first time in Europe.

Forget everything what you might have heard, read or thought about South American Thrash acts. Hate SA is for the Latin American Metal scene what Sepultura was for Brazil in their very early years. A force which built up its own following, its on scene in South America in eruptive waves like an earthquake.

But let the music do the talking… turn on the volume, sit back and get knocked down by the aggressive vox and the measuring riffs and leads of HATE SA.

Selling Points:

  • European re-release of the top-album “Prevalecer”
  • Featuring South Americas most original and talented guitarist Ricardo Larrazabal
  • Containing four live-songs as bonus tracks
  • Six pages-booklet with artwork and lyrics
  • Strictly limited edition of 300 copies

1. Axis Mundi
2. Devorador
3. Prevalecer
4. Ex Machina
5. Bienvenido Al Vacio
6. Prisionero Del Tiempo
7. Control

Bonus Tracks:

8. Addiction (Live)
9. Combustion (Live)
10. Control (Live)
11. Devorador (Live)


  • Heart Beat Machine (1998)
  • Anagramas (2001)
  • Republica de Odio (2003)
  • Angel Oscuro (EP) (2004)
  • Hate / Subterfugio / Mortofobia (Split) (2006)
  • Odio Vivo (Live) (2006)
  • Pandemonium (2007)
  • Legado de Odio (Compilation) (2007)
  • La Sangre Del Tiempo (2013 & 2017)
  • Prevalecer (2016 & 2020)


  • 8,5/10 in
  • 8,5/10 in
  • 8,0/10 in ROCK HARD Mag (No. 395)
  • 8,0/10 in
  • 7,5/10 in
  • 12/15 im LEGACY Mag

Shades Of Grey - Sounds Of War

SHADES OF GREY – Sounds of War

In the late ‘80s & early ‘90s there has been an unbelievable active, creative and energetic worldwide underground metal scene. All of those different places in the world have been and still are famous for their own special sound. Just think of the Californian Bay Area, the German way of thrashing, or the more technical Texas thrash.

But though the technical thrash metal from Shades of Grey had been praised from every magazine and fanzine from Canada down to Brazil, all over Europe and to the very South of Australia, Chesterton, Indiana was too far away from the hot spots of the music to get this five-piece signed to a label.

Everyone into technical stuff, ‘80s metal music in general, or into Shades of Grey in particular, has been waiting for this release. Filled with each and every song from the band’s four demos (= 74 minutes of music), remastered and packed with a 20-page-booklet, fronted by a completely fitting artwork by 5miligrams, _Sounds of War_ is a blast from the past.

Just check what the ‘80s/’90s metal scene was like and make a trip back to the best days of metal.      

Selling Points:

  • Back to the glory days of (thrash) metal
  • 74 min of technical thrash metal
  • completely remastered
  • Packed with a fantastic artwork fitting the album-title _Sounds of War_


Demo #4 (Under the Skeptics Eye, 1991)
1. The Art of Killing
2. Misplaced Power
3. An Insufferable Fate
4. So Who’s Your God
Demo #3 (House of Fools, 1989)
5. House of Fools
6. Terminal Affliction
7. Rage of Insanity
8. Pizza Face
9. Under the Skeptics Eye
10. Legions of Corruption
11. Sounds of War
Demo #2 (1989)
12. House of Fools
13. Legions of Corruption
14. Pizza Face
15. The Fourth Reich
16. Rage of Insanity
Demo #1 (1988)
17. House of Fools
18. Isolated
19. Pizza Face


• Demo 1988
• Demo 1989
• House of Fools (Demo - 1989)
• Under the Skeptic’s Eye (Demo - 1991)
• Sounds of War (Compilation - 2019)


  • 8,0/10 in ROCK HARD Mag
  • 8,5/10 in 
  • 8,0/10 in  
  • 11/15 in LEGACY Mag
  • 8,0/10 in DEAF FOREVER Mag 
  • 8,0/10 in

More to come soon


Potential Threat - Threat to Society

Threat to Society (RAG 014)

Bay Area is a key word for thrash metal fans. And that’s exactly where the guys from POTENTIAL THREAT are from. Hailing from San Francisco they lately added “SF” to the band name, not to get confused with the punk band from Great Britain.

Potential Threat exists of the two brothers Mike and Kenny Noble (vox & git; drums), guitarist Daniel Sheridan (also of “Nature`s Grave) and bass-player Damien Sisson who`s also a member of the famous Bay Area-act Death Angel.   

The third full length-albums will definitely become a new high light in the bands discography. The band has developed their songwriting which came from a kind of raw thrash metal (more Exodus than Heathen) and also had some Hardcore-influences in the early millennium to a more Old School-Bay Area-sound on their predecessor “Civilization Under Threat”.

“Threat To Society” is everything you can long for as a Bay Area-thrash fan: aggressive shouting, sawing riffs, a booming bass and driving drums. And it’s of course not high speed all the time, the band knows how to keep the listeners attention.

By far the best POTENTIAL THREAT (SF)-album. 

Selling Points:

  • Limited edition (500)
  • Old School Bay Area-thrash metal
  • Delivered in a very transparent sound
  • 12 page-booklet with pics & lyrics


  1. War Machine
  2. Path Of The War Machine
  3. Root Of All Evil
  4. Cry Of The Wolf
  5. Spitfire
  6. Raise Your Fist
  7. Pre-emptive Strike
  8. Ancestors Lament
  9. Don`t Look Back
  10. Victims Of The Fall
  11. Into The Black


  • 8,5/10 & Bonus Bomb of the month in Rock Hard Magazine
  • 8,5/10 in Deaf Forever Mag
  • in 9/10 in
  • 13/15 im LEGACY Magazine
  • 8/10 in
  • 9/10 in
  • 9/10 in
  • 9/10 in
  • excellent review in
  • excellet review in Monarch Magazine (UK)


Mass Hypnosia - Vicious

Vicious (RAG 013)

More than eight years had passed since the Filipino death/thrash metal act Mass Hypnosia had unleashed an insane piece of proto-death metal album upon the metal community in the form of their debut “Attempt to Assassinate”.

That debut features some real in-your-face death/thrash metal tracks that are extremely catchy and admirable in a powerfully irresistible way which totally crushed those who were able to grab a copy and made us crave for more.

It took six years before the band was able to deliver a follow up to the solid debut with a more matured and top quality sophomore studio album “Toxiferous Cyanide”, yet their music never rusted and the sophomore had pushed the band’s death/thrash style of music into new heights.

The follow-up album had caught a lot of attention all over the extreme metal community and it put Mass Hypnosia under the radar of metal zines and metal labels around the world, while putting them in a row with acts like KREATOR, SADUS and BLOOD FEAST.

This year, the band is back with their third studio full-length that will most certainly slay the fans with its vicious assault and all-out thrashing passion!

Yes fellas, this new opus from Mass Hypnosia will take you all down a trip to memory lane of the good ol’ 80s - 90s glory days of thrash while testing the listeners with the band’s storming and striking thrash metal mastery!

Now, this new material is by far the thrashiest album that has been delivered by Mass Hypnosia.

You just have to get a copy to understand what I am talking about!!!


Selling Points:

  • Raw, furious & fascinating thrash metal
  • One of Asias best Thrash Acts - just buy to make up your mind

1. Nefarious
2. Vicious
3. The Weak Shall Die
4. Blasphemous Rage
5. Choking Point
6. Proceed The Torture
7. Set The Blaze
8. Crucial


  • 8,5/10 in
  • 4,25/5 in
  • 8/10 in ROCK HARD Magazine (No. 383 in 04/2019)
  • 12/15 in Legacy Mag (No. 119 in 02/2019)
  • 8,5/10 in
  • 7,5/10 in DEAF FOREVER-Mag 
  • 7,5/10 in
  • MonarchMagazine weebly (UK)

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