Alitor - II

Alitor is a technical thrash metal band which was formed 2011 in Indjija (Serbia). 

Alitor started playing live gigs one month after its formation. 

In 2012 the band recorded and published the EP "Embittered" and started playing bigger gigs with well known Serbian bands such as Bombarder, Infest, Nadimac. 

In 2014 the band released their first official album "Eternal  Depression" on Witches Brew Records and promoted the album with a lot of live concerts all over Europe. 

In autumn the same year Alitor went to tour across Europe with the well-known Serbian band Space Eater. 

The following years the band shared the stage and played on festivals like Exit, Arsenal Fest with bands like Death DTA, Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, Testament, Obscura... 

In 2016 the band released the single „Patterns of Redemption“. The video for this song was recorded by Nemanja Ceranic, an upcoming star in the Serbian filmography. 

"II" is the second full length album which was recorded from January 2019 to July 2020 in Citadela Sound Production Studio. 

The album was recorded and produced by Luka Tower Matkovic (Quasarborn, Bombarder). It will be released digitally by Take It Or Leave It Records (RS), on CD by Ragnarök Records and on vinyl by Doc Gator Records. 




Homo Ignoramus

Selling Points:

  • One of Europes hottest technical thrash acts
  • Absolutely fitting artwork by Jovana Uzelac


  1. The Tempest Within
  2. Present Tense
  3. Homo Ignoramus
  4. Fall.Ing
  5. Euphoria
  6. Consecration
  7. The Warm Wind
  8. Some Sort Of Truce


  • Embittered (EP) (2012)
  • Eternal Depression (2014)
  • II (2020)


  • 9,5/10 in DEAF FOREVER-Mag (next issue)
  • 8/10 in ROCK HARD-Mag (next issue)
  • 9/10 in
  • 9/10 in
  • 13/15 in LEGACY Mag
  • 8,9/10 in
  • 8,5/10 in
  • 8,0/10 in
  • 4,2/5 in
  • 9,0/10 in Terroraiser (Ukraine)
  • ohne Wertung in


Höwler - No More Circus

Long gone are those times when the USA and Western Europe had been the hot spots for quality thrash metal. Other countries followed with original bands and left their mark upon the metal map. Just think of Sepultura.

For Central America there was building up a new hot spot for the last few years. There`s no doubt that the amount and quality of thrash metal bands from Costa Rica is outstanding. One of the leading forces there is definitely HÖWLER who have accepted to release their new album, which is by far their strongest work, via german Ragnarök Records.  

The cover artwork for “No More Circus!” was done by Andrei Bouzikov who has also worked for Municipal Waste, Violator, Cannabis Corpse and Toxic Holocaust among others. It was mixed and mastered by David Sanchez from Havok.

The music itself is thrash metal with a brain. You can slightly hear influences from the glorious times of (thrash) metal. While the opener “Empire Of The Clowns” offers melodies which will give you a cool Iron Maiden-feeling, the deep emotional “Behind The Green Mask” comes crawling in with some Metal Church-vibes. You will find lots of 80s Bay Area influences like Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, but also Pantera for example.  

All eight songs are on a high musical level. They are extremely original and will leave you with a feeling that the best metal from the 90ies has entered the Twentytwenties!      

Lyrically this album represents a direct criticism of the politically abusive situations that the world faces right now, but that we dragged for many years.

Selling Points:

  • One of the best bands from the central american hot spot for metal
  • Original, outstanding and intelligent thrash metal
  • 8pages-booklet with all lyrics & infomation
  • Cover-artwork done by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Violator, Cannabis Corpse, Toxic Holocaust…)
  • Mixed & mastered by David Sanchez (Havok)


  1. Empire Of The Clowns
  2. The Dying Rooms
  3. Nuke The Circus
  4. Behind The Green Mask
  5. Embrace The Chaos
  6. Entrance To Hell
  7. Infested Oak
  8. If You Want Peace, Prepare For War


  • 13/15 in Legacy Mag (No. 128 - 05/2020)
  • 8/10 in Deaf Forever Mag (No. 38 - 06/2020)
  • 9/10 in
  • 8/10 in
  • 9/10 in
  • 7,5/10 in Rock Hard-Mag
  • 80/100 in


Höwler - If You Want Peace, Prepare For War
Höwler - Infested Oak
Höwler - Behind The Green Mask

Skull Koraptor - Chaos Station

Skull Koraptor is a Thrash Metal band from Athens, Greece. They released their first EP "Dead Ahead" in May 2014 and have shared the stage the following years with bands like Skull Fist, Destroyer 666 and Tankard among others.

The band is dedicated to spread the new wave of old-school thrash metal and after lots of hard work they composed 9 new songs and entered the studio to record their first album. Now they have finally finished their full-length album titled “Chaos Station”, which will be released by german RAGNARÖK RECORDS in mid January!

Selling Points:

  • Debut album by this Heavy/Thrash act
  • Greece once again shows that they have tons of talented bands
  • Shared the stage with Skull Fist, Destroyer666 and Tankard


1. Intro
2. Hatred
3. Blast It Out
4. Burnt Society
5. Next Station: Chaos
6. Breakthrough
7. Fatal Wrecking
8. Voices Of Despair
9. Obsessed


  • Dead Ahead EP (2014)
  • Chaos Station (2020)


  • 8,5/10 in
  • 8,5/10 in
  • 8,5/10 in
  • 8,5/10 in World of Metal (Portugal)
  • 8,0/10 in
  • 7,5/10 in ROCK HARD Mag (No. 395)
  • 7,5/10 in DEAF FOREVER Mag
  • 7,0/10 in
  • 4,0/5 in
  • 7,0/10 in
  • 7/10 in
  • 14/15 in
  • 12/15 im LEGACY Mag
  • 6,25/10 in Metal Brothers (Spain)
  • (AUS)
  • (USA)

Shades Of Grey - Sounds Of War

SHADES OF GREY – Sounds of War

In the late ‘80s & early ‘90s there has been an unbelievable active, creative and energetic worldwide underground metal scene. All of those different places in the world have been and still are famous for their own special sound. Just think of the Californian Bay Area, the German way of thrashing, or the more technical Texas thrash.

But though the technical thrash metal from Shades of Grey had been praised from every magazine and fanzine from Canada down to Brazil, all over Europe and to the very South of Australia, Chesterton, Indiana was too far away from the hot spots of the music to get this five-piece signed to a label.

Everyone into technical stuff, ‘80s metal music in general, or into Shades of Grey in particular, has been waiting for this release. Filled with each and every song from the band’s four demos (= 74 minutes of music), remastered and packed with a 20-page-booklet, fronted by a completely fitting artwork by 5miligrams, _Sounds of War_ is a blast from the past.

Just check what the ‘80s/’90s metal scene was like and make a trip back to the best days of metal.      

Selling Points:

  • Back to the glory days of (thrash) metal
  • 74 min of technical thrash metal
  • completely remastered
  • Packed with a fantastic artwork fitting the album-title _Sounds of War_


Demo #4 (Under the Skeptics Eye, 1991)
1. The Art of Killing
2. Misplaced Power
3. An Insufferable Fate
4. So Who’s Your God
Demo #3 (House of Fools, 1989)
5. House of Fools
6. Terminal Affliction
7. Rage of Insanity
8. Pizza Face
9. Under the Skeptics Eye
10. Legions of Corruption
11. Sounds of War
Demo #2 (1989)
12. House of Fools
13. Legions of Corruption
14. Pizza Face
15. The Fourth Reich
16. Rage of Insanity
Demo #1 (1988)
17. House of Fools
18. Isolated
19. Pizza Face


• Demo 1988
• Demo 1989
• House of Fools (Demo - 1989)
• Under the Skeptic’s Eye (Demo - 1991)
• Sounds of War (Compilation - 2019)


  • 8,0/10 in ROCK HARD Mag
  • 8,5/10 in 
  • 8,0/10 in  
  • 11/15 in LEGACY Mag
  • 8,0/10 in DEAF FOREVER Mag 
  • 8,0/10 in

More to come soon


Witchaven & Maze Of Terror - Death For Our Rivals

Death For Our Rivals (RAG 009)

With the split “Death For Our Rivals” Ragnarök presents a thrash metal-assault that was originally released in late 2017 by californian Nero One-records on tape only. As there has been a big demand to deliver this on CD, we are proud to announce the release of this masterpiece for the first time on compact disc. Witchaven (San Bernardino, California) and Maze Of Terror (Lima, Peru) are two of the most zealousy, agile and popular underground acts worldwide.

Witchaven is an outcome of the Californian thrash metal-scene. Coming into existence in 2006 they are now veterans to the scene and are able to look back on more than a handful quality releases including three full length-albums.

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