Lost World Order - Tyrants

Lost World Order - Tyrants

Tyrants (RAG 004)

With their new album „Tyrants“, LOST WORLD ORDER finalize their endtime-trilogy that was started with „Marauders“ and continued with „Parasites“. The end of the world has come, and LOST WORLD ORDER are the prophets of ruin in a disturbing dystopia.

The band was founded in 2008, gained a wide fanbase with the free download of „Marauders“ and even raised it with „Parasites” with the CD-version released via GoodDamn Records.

Besides the aggressive riffs, which are situated somewhere between classic Bay Area and German Ruhr area, the impulsive drumming and the pumping basslines, there are twin guitar leads with NWOBHM-vibes, modern walls of sound and catchy chorus lines. The vocals set priorities from Thrash-shouting over growls to dark clear singing.

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Premonition - Visions Of Emptiness

premonition voe cover 240pxVisions Of Emptiness (RAG 001)

Premonition has been one of the leading forces in the nineties Texas techno thrash metal-scene. Together with techno-gods Watchtower, Arcane and few others they shred the stages in the Lone Star-state, released fantastic, original songs and had a great influence on countless followers. Unfortunately it never led to a deal, though there have been offers from worldwide operating labels. But their music is still hot and has frenetic fans all over the world until this day! So here is what the fans have craved for: A Premo-re-release on CD! The first three demos! TEXAS TECHNO THRASH revisited!

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Crown the Lost - Cold Pestilence Hope

Crown The LostCold Pestilent Hope  (RAG 003)

Formed in 2005 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it took the band only a year to release the stunning debut “Reverence Dies Within”. This album was recorded, produced, released and promoted completely by the musicians on their own. Filled with songs which are a great mix between Thrash and Power Metal the band did not only get great reviews, but also label-offers.

As a result Crown The Lost got signed to Cruz Del Sur-Music and the follow up was released in 2009. This one, “Blind Failth Loyalty”, got great reviews all over the world again (for example 8/10 in german Rock Hard-mag), but due to line up-problems the band didn't really get the chance to promote the album.

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Assailant - Assailant

assaillant cover 240pxAssailant (RAG 002)

Assailant is one of the most promising thrash bands from Latin America. Hailing from Heredia in Costa Rica this is not the most common home for quality thrash metal, but this release speaks for itself as for the music scene in Costa Rica, too. Playing slighty technical, Bay Area-influenced thrash – though far from being called progressive -, the band performs some well structured thrash tunes with catchy riffs and aggressive vocals with a hint of Slayer.
The complete album gets some extra charme by not having a clean, polished production, but a perfectly fitting raw sound.
This release is a re-issue of the strictly limited 2012-demo (which had only 150 copies), remastered and with added bonus-material (2 live & 2 rehearsal-tunes) as well as a bigger booklet with more pics and informations.

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