Bulletbelt - Warlords

The band first struck fear and awe into the hearts of New Zealand’s metal-loving audiences in 2009. With music featuring on the soundtrack to cult-classic movie, Deathgasm, international touring and three previous records of brutal, beautiful sonic assault, it’s a solid foundation that Warlords sits atop. A decade of brand-building, blood, sweat and... beers …tears and forever true and strong of heart, sound of mind and body and committed to the riff, the chorus, the way of the anthem, Bulletbelt’s head is held high, their flag is in the sand. They are Warlords. Bow to the sound.

The new album was recorded at the Surgery Studio in Wellington by group founder Steve Francis (drums) and long-time bassist Tim Mekalick. They are joined by new members Josh O’Brien (guitar) and Paul Roberts (vocals).

The nine songs – all live instruments, no triggers, patches, simulations or samples – were co-produced by James Goldsmith (Beastwars, Mermaidens) and the album’s killer artwork is designed by New York artist David Harrigan (Scarecrowoven)

What hasn’t changed is the intention of this powerhouse act - Warlords is a soaring metal beast of an album. There is a renewed emphasis on hooks and choruses making Warlords the band’s strongest album yet to date. Bulletbelt has toured Australia, Japan and New Zealand and played numerous support slots with visiting international acts including Sepultura, Carcass, Napalm Death, Midnight, Psycroptic, The Black Dahlia Murder, Impiety, Bolzer, Tragedy, Rotten Sound, Midnight, Municipal Waste, Ringworm, Paul Dianno, and Primate.

You will hardly find an album which combines technical Thrash, Black Metal and traditional stuff in a better way.

Selling Points:

  • Black/Thrash metal highlight
  • The european version of „Warlords“ includes the two bonus-tracks „Faster than Death“ and „The Voyager“ (only released in physical format on the strictly limited „Faster than Death“-7“; 150 handnumered copies in white vinyl)
  • Perfectly fitting artwork by scarecrowoven
  • limited edition of only 500 copies


  1. Destroyer Of All
  2. Impaler
  3. Punishment Of God
  4. Herodian Kingdom
  5. Blade On The Fire
  6. Flames Of Hell
  7. Boudicia
  8. Mutilate And Destroy
  9. Warlord
  10. Faster Than Death (Bonus)
  11. The Voyager (Bonus)


  • Down in the Cold of the Grave (2012)
  • Rise of the Banshee (2014)
  • Nine Centuries (2018)
  • Warlords (2020
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