Hate S.A. - Prevalecer

Here we go again! Four years after its release in South America “Prevalecer” [herrschen (dt.) / to prevail (eng.)] is available for the first time in Europe.

Forget everything what you might have heard, read or thought about South American Thrash acts. Hate SA is for the Latin American Metal scene what Sepultura was for Brazil in their very early years. A force which built up its own following, its on scene in South America in eruptive waves like an earthquake.

But let the music do the talking… turn on the volume, sit back and get knocked down by the aggressive vox and the measuring riffs and leads of HATE SA.

Selling Points:

  • European re-release of the top-album “Prevalecer”
  • Featuring South Americas most original and talented guitarist Ricardo Larrazabal
  • Containing four live-songs as bonus tracks
  • Six pages-booklet with artwork and lyrics
  • Strictly limited edition of 300 copies

1. Axis Mundi
2. Devorador
3. Prevalecer
4. Ex Machina
5. Bienvenido Al Vacio
6. Prisionero Del Tiempo
7. Control

Bonus Tracks:

8. Addiction (Live)
9. Combustion (Live)
10. Control (Live)
11. Devorador (Live)


  • Heart Beat Machine (1998)
  • Anagramas (2001)
  • Republica de Odio (2003)
  • Angel Oscuro (EP) (2004)
  • Hate / Subterfugio / Mortofobia (Split) (2006)
  • Odio Vivo (Live) (2006)
  • Pandemonium (2007)
  • Legado de Odio (Compilation) (2007)
  • La Sangre Del Tiempo (2013 & 2017)
  • Prevalecer (2016 & 2020)


  • 8,5/10 in Obliveon.de
  • 8,5/10 in Darkscene.at
  • 8,0/10 in ROCK HARD Mag (No. 395)
  • 8,0/10 in DEAF FOREVER Mag
  • 8,0/10 in Powermetal.de
  • 7,5/10 in Streetclip.de
  • 12/15 im LEGACY Mag

Reviews "Prevalecer"

  • HATE S.A. "Prevalecer" in DEAF FOREVER Mag
    Rating: 8,0/10 ; Review by Götz Kühnemund

    HATE S.A.                   


    Ragnarök Records

    SZ: 44:11/VÖ: bereits

    HATE S.A.       

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  • Hate SA "Prevalecer" in Streetclip.de

    Rating: 7,5/10 ; Autor: Michael Haifl

    HATE S.A. – Prevalecer

    Michael Haifl

    Jan 12, 2020

    ~ 2016/2020 (Ragnarök Records) – Stil: Thrash Metal ~

    Seit über 25 Jahren sind HATE in der Szene unterwegs und

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  • HATE S.A. "Prevalecer" in Powermetal.de
    Rating: 8,0/10 ; Review by Holger Andrae

    Hate S.A. - Prevalecer

    Amtliches Thrash-Brett aus Bolivien!

    In ihrem Land Bolivien ist das Quartett HATE SA riesengroß. Das vorliegende Album ist immerhin schon das

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  • HATE SA - Prevalecer in Obliveon.de

    Autor: Ludwig Lücker; Rating:   8,5/10

    HATE (S.A.)

    PREVALECER ( min.)


    HATE (S.A.) sind die bolivianischen HATE und haben sich zur besseren Unterscheidung den anderen, durchaus zahlreich vertretenen HATEs gegenüber

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  • HATE S.A. "Prevalecer" in Darkscene.at

    Review by: Alex Fähnrich; Rating: 8,5/10

    Hate S.A. - Prevalecer (CD)
    Label: Ragnarök Records
    VÖ: 2019

    Alex Fähnrich
    In ihrer Heimat Bolivien sind Hate eine Institution. Dort wäre der Zusatz

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  • HATE S.A. "Prevalecer" in ROCK HARD Mag (No. 395)

    Review by Patrick Schmidt; Rating: 8/10

    HATE S.A.


    Ragnarök (44:13)

    VÖ: bereits erschienen

    HATE S.A. aus Bolivien sind in ihrem Heimatland das, was Sepultura in

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