Life Artist - Lifelines

Life Artist is a Progressive Metal band from Germany, possibly well-known from their presence in the early 1990ties. After the success of their first Demo "Faith" (1991) and tour support for Psychotic Waltz and Gypsy Kyss they had an album release in 1992 ("A Diary Of Inner Visions").

Life Artist toured and played with bands like Psychotic Waltz, Mekong Delta, Sieges Even, Deathrow, Gypsy Kyss, Siren, Accu§er, Battlefield or Megace. In 1991 Life Artist performed at the second Wacken Open Air and were the backing band for the solo project of Psychotic Waltz vocalist Devon Graves (aka Buddy Lackey) back in 1993.

In 1993 the band wanted to pursue an instrumental direction and recorded the demo tape “Land(e)scapes Within a Building” in 1994 after being dropped by their record label.

In 2012, after they recognized the Psychotic Waltz reunion, founding members Ingo Holzhauer and Marco Witte decided to reanimate Life Artist as a studio project. In the following years also the former members Frank Jauernick and Dirk Eckhard joined the project along with Poverty`s No Crime drummer Andreas Tegeler.

In May 2016 Life Artist recorded their first new song called "Antisocial Networks, which finally appeared exclusively on the Metalliance Vol. 2 sampler in early 2017. At the same time, the band published a video for the song on YouTube.

Due to various private and professional circumstances, it took another two years before Life Artist started producing their new album. On the home straight, the band was then suddenly slowed down by the corona pandemic in spring 2020. In addition, Andreas Tegeler broke an arm shortly afterwards.

Finally, the self-recorded album "Lifelines" was completed in May 2021. The mastering was carried out by Matt Korr in the Red Roof Studio Loftsound in July 2021 and finally an official release date was found: The second Life Artist album "Lifelines" will be available for purchase on August 27, 2021 (delayed until Mid-September 2021) via Ragnarök Records. In addition, the band already announced a vinyl edition to be released at the end of 2021.

"Lifelines" is a musical roller coaster ride through various musical genres. While the foundation is still varied Progressive Metal, the band dares to venture into other genres such as Death Metal, Djent, classic Progressive Rock, Thrash and even jazzy and classical sounds appear on the album.

Ragnarök Records is incredibly proud to be able to present you this remarkable album from August 27th, 2021 as the 25th label release. For every Prog Metal fan this album is an essential purchase!

Selling Points:

  • limited edition (500 copies only)
  • A 53-minute-long musical adventure through various (metal) genres
  • High quality 16-page booklet with elaborately designed illustrations
  • Several musical guests: John Knight (SynaptiK), Andreas Lohse (Moment Of Detonation), Haye Graf (Bleeding), Andreas Pilger (violin)

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  • 14/15 in Legacy Mag (PLUS Interview) 
  • 9,5/10 in 
  • 9,5/10 in 
  • 8,5/10 in
  • 7,5/10 in Rocks (PLUS Interview)
  • 4,5/5 in 


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Reviews "Life Artist - Lifelines"


    Rating: 9,5/10 ; Author: Alex Fähnrich

    Life Artist - Lifelines (CD)

    Label: Ragnarök Records

    VÖ: 27.08.2021


    Nach fast 30 Jahren das zweite LIFE ARTIST-Album hören zu dürfen ist eine der schönsten Geschichten,

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    Rating: 8,5/10 ; Author: Michael Haifl

    LIFE ARTIST – Lifelines
    AUG 29, 2021
    ~ 2021 (Ragnarök) – Stil: Prog Metal ~
    Denkt der Musikliebhaber an die frühen Neunzigerjahre sowie an die lebhafte und aufbruchsfreudige

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    Rating: 14/15; Author: Alex Fähnrich 


    6 Life Artist in Legacy Mag

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    6b Life Artist Interview im Legacy

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    Rating: 4,5/5 ; Author: Richard Kölldorfer

    LIFE ARTIST - Lifelines
    Um hier mal Tacheles zu reden: Mit bundesdeutschem Metal hatte ich immer so meine Probleme. In letzter Zeit wurde ich jedoch eines Besseren

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    Life Artist Interview im ROCKS

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  • LIFE ARTIST in ROCKS Magazine
    Rating: 7,5/10 ; Author: Armin Schäfer

    LIFE ARTIST – Lifelines
    (Ragnarök) – VÖ: erschienen
    Würdevoll gealtert
    Anfang der Neunziger Jahre zählten neben Mekong Delta, Sieges Even oder Secrecy auch Life Artist zu den

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    Rating: 9,5/10 ; Author: Holger Andrae

    LIFE ARTIST – Lifelines

    Da ist sie also! Lange angekündigt und von einer kleinen Fanschar heiß und sehnsüchtig erwartet: Der neue Longplayer von LIFE ARTIST!

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