Mass Hypnosia - Toxiferous Cyanide

Toxiferous Cyanide (RAG 005)

Mass Hypnosia is a thrash metal band from the eastern fringes of Metro Manila's derelict urban landscape. This drunk addicts have given us a taste of true violence, death and horror.

Untouched by the blinding ineptitude that plagues the local Philippine band scene they guard their underground ideology with a fence of barbwired independence. They have stocked their arsenal with an uncomprable and uncompromising barrage of hate and strife that is heard clear and precise within their riffs and the disturbingly intent nature of the band's murderous vocal screams.

Yet, Mass Hypnosia is not contented. Slowly gaining notoriety and status on the Filipino underground music community, founder Karl Rosales kept and still keeps the fire burning despite of several lineup changes. Since their 2011 demo (Blood Spotted Bullet Face) the band focuses on a matured, raw and gritty sound which would become the prototype of the new direction the band is bound on.

All this cumulating in the release of “Toxiferous Cyanide”: An album full of raw and energetic thrash metal which sounds as thrash should sound!

Selling Points:

  • Raw, furious & fascinating thrash metal
  • No. 1 Phillipine band to come
  • experienced live-act; oversea-gigs incl. Support-slot for Possesssed on their „Seven Churches Down in Bangkok“-gig
  • Limited Edition (500 copies)

1. Here’s The Knife
2. Terror Panic
3. Bullet Face
4. Krucifier
5. Stigmata
6. No Mercy For Victory
7. Evil awakes
8. Toxiferous Cyanide
9. Outro


  • Review Metal Hammer Poland  (4.0)
  • 8/10 in Rock Hard-Mag #358
  • 8,5/10 in
  • 8,0/10 in
  • very good review (no rating) in 
  • 8/10 in
  • 11/15 in Legacy Mag
  • 7,5 in
  • 82/100 in
  • 4,25/5 in (Finnland/Suomi)   (incl. Interview - in English)
  • 7,5/10 in Deaf Forever
  • 4/5 in Metal Hammer Poland
  • 7/10 in



  • MASS HYPNOSIA's "Toxiferous Cyanide" in ROCK HARD-Mag

    Rating: 8/10 ; Autor: Patrick Schmidt 

    Toxiferous Cyanide
    Ragnarök (41:28)
    VÖ: bereits erschienen

    Geiler Stoff aus dem Thrash-Underground gefällig? Dann zieht euch mal die Filipinos MASS HYPNOSIA

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  • MASS HYPNOSIA-Interview im 

    Interview with vocalist and guitarist Karl Rosales

    Interview conducted by Luxi Lahtinen

    Date online: February 10, 2018

    Quite likely some of you have visited San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines and fell in

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  • Mass Hypnosia's "Toxiferous Cyanide" in (Finnland/Suomi)

    Rating: 4,25/5 points; Autor: Luxi Lathinen

    Label: Ragnarok Records
    Year released: 2017
    Duration: 41:30
    Tracks: 9
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    Rating: 4.25/5
    Review online: April 28, 2017
    Reviewed by:

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  • Mass Hypnosia's "Toxiferous Cyanide" in
    Rating: 8/10 pints; Autor: Holger Andrae

    MASS HYPNOSIA - Toxiferous Cyanide
    Totschläger und dunkle Engel!

    Nach dem sensationellen LOST WORLD ORDER-Kracher vor ein paar Wochen, beschert uns das kultige Ragnarök-Label

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  • Mass Hypnosia in

    Rating: 8,0/10 ; Autor: Alex Fähnrich

    Mass Hypnosia - Toxiferous Cyanide (CD)
    Label: Ragnarök Records
    VÖ: 12.12.2016

    Schon das Cover lässt vermuten, dass Mass Hypnosia keine Gefangenen machen und so nimmt das Gemetzel

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  • Autor: Michael Oelschlegel

    Toxiferous Cyanide
    (Ragnarok Records)

    It's been a while since the last full length album from MASS HYPNOSIA saw the light of day. About six long years passed by

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  • Rating: 7,5/10 ; Autor: Jürgen Tschamler

    MASS HYPNOSIA - Toxiferous Cyanide
    2017 (Ragnarök Records) - Stil: Death / Thrash Metal
    Auch auf den Philippinen wird gethrasht, wie uns MASS HYPNOSIA eindrucksvoll aufzeigen. Das neue Album des Trios, 'Toxiferous Cyanide',

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  • Rating: 8,5/10 points ; Autor: Ludwig Lücker


    Das rührige Underground-Label Ragnarök Records veröffentlicht mit dem Silberling von Mass Hypnosia seinen fünften Dreher; auch der ist wieder gewohnt hochwertig. Das Trio

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  • Mass Hypnosia's "Toxiferous Cyanide" in LEGACY Mag

    Rating: 11/15; Autor: Alex Fähnrich 

    Mass Hypnosia - Toxiferous Cyanide (CD)
    Label: Ragnarök Records
    Genre: Asian Death Thrash

    Schon das Cover lässt vermuten, dass Mass Hypnosia keine Gefangenen machen

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  • Mass Hypnosia-Review in HeavenofHeavyMetal.blogspot

    Rating: 82/100; Autor: Matti

    Mass Hypnosia - Toxiferous Cyanide (2016)

    Per chi ha fretta:

    Dopo il demo No Mercy for Victory (2015), i filippini Mass Hypnosia si confermano un gruppo interessante col

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