Mass Hypnosia - Vicious

More than eight years had passed since the Filipino death/thrash metal act Mass Hypnosia had unleashed an insane piece of proto-death metal album upon the metal community in the form of their debut “Attempt to Assassinate”.

That debut features some real in-your-face death/thrash metal tracks that are extremely catchy and admirable in a powerfully irresistible way which totally crushed those who were able to grab a copy and made us crave for more.

It took six years before the band was able to deliver a follow up to the solid debut with a more matured and top quality sophomore studio album “Toxiferous Cyanide”, yet their music never rusted and the sophomore had pushed the band’s death/thrash style of music into new heights.

The follow-up album had caught a lot of attention all over the extreme metal community and it put Mass Hypnosia under the radar of metal zines and metal labels around the world, while putting them in a row with acts like KREATOR, SADUS and BLOOD FEAST.

This year, the band is back with their third studio full-length that will most certainly slay the fans with its vicious assault and all-out thrashing passion!

Yes fellas, this new opus from Mass Hypnosia will take you all down a trip to memory lane of the good ol’ 80s - 90s glory days of thrash while testing the listeners with the band’s storming and striking thrash metal mastery!

Now, this new material is by far the thrashiest album that has been delivered by Mass Hypnosia.

You just have to get a copy to understand what I am talking about!!!


Selling Points:

  • Raw, furious & fascinating thrash metal
  • One of Asias best Thrash Acts - just buy to make up your mind

1. Nefarious
2. Vicious
3. The Weak Shall Die
4. Blasphemous Rage
5. Choking Point
6. Proceed The Torture
7. Set The Blaze
8. Crucial


  • 8,5/10 in
  • 4,25/5 in
  • 8/10 in ROCK HARD Magazine (No. 383 in 04/2019)
  • 12/15 in Legacy Mag (No. 119 in 02/2019)
  • 8,5/10 in

Reviews Mass Hypnosia: Vicious

  • Mass Hypnosia's "Vicious" in

    Rating: 8,5/10 ; Autor: Vladymir


    VICIOUS (33:45 min.)


    When in December last year I reviewed the re-edition of one of the discs of Mass Hypnosia ( about, here ) , which

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  • Mass Hypnosia's "Vicious" in

      Rating: 4,25/5 ; Autor:Luxi Lathinen


    Year released: 2019
    Duration: 33:46
    Tracks: 8
    Genre: Thrash Metal

    Rating: 4.25/5

    Philippine thrashers Mass Hypnosia strike back with their third studio

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  • Mass Hypnosia's "Vicious" in LEGACY Mag

    Rating: 12 /15 ; Autor: Alex Fähnrich




    Genre: Thrash Metal

    Undefinierbare Geräusche… gedämpfte Schreie… und dann bricht ein infernalisches Thrash-Inferno über einen herein, als wäre man

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  • Mass Hypnosia's "Vicious" in

    Rating: 8,5/10 ; Autor: Ludwig Lücker


    VICIOUS (33:45 min.)

    Mass Hypnosia, die wohl bekannteste Band der Philippinen, hauen uns über das rührige Underground-Label Ragnarök Records den neuen, mittlerweile

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  • Mass Hypnosia's "Vicious" in ROCK HARD Magazine

    Rating: 8,0/10 ; Autor: Patrick Schmidt


    VICIOUS (33:44)


    Goil! Die Old-School-Filipinos von MASS HYPNOSIA sind mit einem neuen Album am Start und verneigen sich abermals voller

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