Morvidhen - Morvidhen

Morvidhen BandphotoYes, Peru isn`t the hottest place on Earth for quality Heavy Metal. There are a few groups, but most of them are into the extreme metal stuff.
But there is a gem shining in this metal hell, which brings quality to the metal horde. An no, they are not a rip off of Sarcofago, Sodom or that kind of stuff.

Morvidhen plays Speed Metal. They are combining melody, speed and aggression and the result often sounds like a great mix between IRON MAIDEN and AGENT STEEL!

Nuff said! Just hear on your own! Enter the pit and let the Speed King reign! LETHAL SPEED METAL rules!!!

Selling Points:

  • Agent Steel meets Iron Maiden
  • 12page booklet with lots of cartoons and all lyrics
  • Limited edition (300 copies)


  1. Morvidhen
  2. Despierta
  3. Wild Lover
  4. Abandonado En El Infierno
  5. Fire Wheels
  6. Stand Up And Fight
  7. Lethal Speed Metal
  8. Nuclear Shelter
  9. Claws Of Hades
  10. Soul Of Steel


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Reviews Morvidhen - Morvidhen

  • Morvidhen in

    Author: Jürgen Tschamler.; Rating: 8/10 points

    Heilige Scheiße. Wieder einmal entpuppt sich „Ragnarök Records“ als Lieferant eines Albums, das Speed Metal-Maniacs in Ekstase versetzen sollte. Dass sich das Label inzwischen einen exzellenten

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