Potential Threat - Threat to Society

Threat to Society (RAG 014)

Bay Area is a key word for thrash metal fans. And that’s exactly where the guys from POTENTIAL THREAT are from. Hailing from San Francisco they lately added “SF” to the band name, not to get confused with the punk band from Great Britain.

Potential Threat exists of the two brothers Mike and Kenny Noble (vox & git; drums), guitarist Daniel Sheridan (also of “Nature`s Grave) and bass-player Damien Sisson who`s also a member of the famous Bay Area-act Death Angel.   

The third full length-albums will definitely become a new high light in the bands discography. The band has developed their songwriting which came from a kind of raw thrash metal (more Exodus than Heathen) and also had some Hardcore-influences in the early millennium to a more Old School-Bay Area-sound on their predecessor “Civilization Under Threat”.

“Threat To Society” is everything you can long for as a Bay Area-thrash fan: aggressive shouting, sawing riffs, a booming bass and driving drums. And it’s of course not high speed all the time, the band knows how to keep the listeners attention.

By far the best POTENTIAL THREAT (SF)-album. 

Selling Points:

  • Limited edition (500)
  • Old School Bay Area-thrash metal
  • Delivered in a very transparent sound
  • 12 page-booklet with pics & lyrics


  1. War Machine
  2. Path Of The War Machine
  3. Root Of All Evil
  4. Cry Of The Wolf
  5. Spitfire
  6. Raise Your Fist
  7. Pre-emptive Strike
  8. Ancestors Lament
  9. Don`t Look Back
  10. Victims Of The Fall
  11. Into The Black


  • 8,5/10 & Bonus Bomb of the month in Rock Hard Magazine
  • 8,5/10 in Deaf Forever Mag
  • in 9/10 in Darkscene.at
  • 13/15 im LEGACY Magazine
  • 8/10 in Streetclip.de
  • 9/10 in Obliveon.de
  • 9/10 in Powermetal.de
  • 9/10 in RockMagazine.net
  • excellent review in YourLastRites.com
  • excellet review in Monarch Magazine (UK)


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Reviews "Threat To Society"

  • POTENTIAL THREAT SF "Threat To Society" in RockMagazine.net

    Review by Christian

    Potential Threat SF – Threat To Society

    Da hab ich mir doch fast ein zweites Loch in meinen Allerwertesten gefreut, als ich die Mail bekam,

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  • POTENTIAL THREAT SF "Threat To Society" in YourLastRites.com

    Rating: without ; Autor: Andrew Edmunds

    Potential Threat SF – Threat To Society Review
    Release date: May 24, 2019. Label: Ragnarok.

    If you told me that a hole was

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  • POTENTIAL THREAT SF: Threat To Society in Obliveon.de 

    Rating: 9/10 ; Autor: Ludwig Lücker

    THREAT TO SOCIETY (47:19 min.)
    Ihr denkt wirklich, die Geschichte des Bay Area Thrash sei schon geschrieben? Nun

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  • POTENTIAL THREAT SF in Powermetal.de

    Autor: Holger Andrae; Rating 9/10

    POTENTIAL THREAT SF - Threat To Society
    Threat To Society

    Auch im Soundcheck: Soundcheck 07/2019
    19.07.2019 | 10:10

    Knusper-Thrash aus der Bay Area!

    Wie lange geistern die

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  • Potential Threats' "Threat To Society" in DEAF FOREVER Mag

    Rating: 8,5/10 ; Author: Götz Kühnemund 

    Threat To Society
    Ragnarök Records
    SZ: 47:19/VÖ: bereits erschienen
    Stil: Thrash Metal
    Diese Band aus San Francisco klingt

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  • Potential Threat`s "Threat To Society" in LEGACY Magazine

    Rating: 13/15 ; Autor: Alex Fähnrich (for LEGACY Magazine)
    Rating: 9/10 ; Autor: Alex Fähnrich (for Darkscene.at)

    POTENTIAL THREAT SF "Threat To Society"
    (Ragnarök Records)
    Genre: Bay Area Thrash

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  • Potential Threats' "Threat To Society" in Streetclip.de  

    Rating: 8,0/10 ; Autor: Jürgen Tschamler


    POTENTIAL THREAT SF – Threat To Society
    Jürgen TschamlerMai 26, 20190
    ~ 2019 (Ragnarök Records) – Stil: Thrash Metal ~

    Uff, satte sechs Jahre sind seit

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  • POTENTIAL THREAT SF "Threat To Society" in Monarch Magazine (UK)

    Review by Slawek Migacz

    Potential Threat SF
    Threat To Society
    Ragnarök Records

    Potential Threat SF is San Francisco band and you should already know that

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