Premonition - Visions Of Emptiness

premonition voe cover 240pxVisions Of Emptiness (RAG 001)

Premonition has been one of the leading forces in the nineties Texas techno thrash metal-scene. Together with techno-gods Watchtower, Arcane and few others they shred the stages in the Lone Star-state, released fantastic, original songs and had a great influence on countless followers. Unfortunately it never led to a deal, though there have been offers from worldwide operating labels. But their music is still hot and has frenetic fans all over the world until this day! So here is what the fans have craved for: A Premo-re-release on CD! The first three demos! TEXAS TECHNO THRASH revisited!

PREMONITION (from Arlington, Texas) recorded five demos (the last one still unreleased) while their 10 years-existence. The first three of these demos – „Premonition“ (1989), „Visions Of Emptiness“ (1992) and „Brutal Healing“ (1993) – with a complete of 14 songs you can find on this re-release on the new found label RAGNARÖK Records. All of them remastered to give them an even better sound-quality (though the original recordings had a great production) and let them sound like the result of a single recording-session.

If you are into thrash metal in general and the Texas scene in special this one’s for you. Intelligent and technical thrash metal with lots of aggressions...the missing link between Helstar, Watchtower, Gammcide, Rigor Mortis and late Pantera.

1. Incarnation Of Death
2. Self Mutilation
3. So Heavenly Bound (No Earthly God)
4. Destined Fate (Divination)
5. Visions Of Emptiness
6. False Conviction
7. Execration
8. The Secrecy Among Us
9. Darkened Density
10. Multiples Of Identity
11. Unlike You
12. Of Spirit, Body And Mind
13. Brutal Healing
14. Induced Psychosis

Selling Points:
- Texas Techno Thrash from the late eighties / early ninties
- CD contains the first 3 demos (14 songs)
- All songs remastered
- Playing time: over 60 minutes
- Digipak with professional artwork and 24 pages-booklet
- Limited edition

- Bonus-Bomb of the month and rated 9/10 in ROCK HARD-magazine #332
- 5/5 in Metal Hammer Poland
- 8/10 in DEAF FOREVER-magazine
- 8/10 in
- 8/10 in
- 4,5/5 in (Italy)

Reviews "Visions Of Emptiness"

  • Premonition-Review in Deaf Forever

    Punkte: 8/10 ; Autor: Götz Kühnemund

    PREMONITION -Visions Of Emptiness
    Stil: Texas-Techno-Thrash

    Es gab mehrere US-Bands mit dem Namen PREMONITION - aber diese hier war die mit Abstand beste. War? Ja, leider - denn

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  • Premonition-Review in Secrets of

    Punkte: 4,5/5 ; Autor: Beppe “HM” Diana

    Essere nel posto giusto, al momento giusto!! Si, per molti addetti ai lavori il segreto del successo di un artista/band, è dato proprio dalla

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  • Premonition-Review in

    Punkte: 8/10 ; Autor: Jürgen Tschamler

    Die erste Veröffentlichung auf dem Ragnarök Label stammt von den Texas-Thrashern PREMONITION, die sich Ende der Achtziger/Anfang der Neunziger einen exzellenten Namen in der Untergrundszene gemacht haben.

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  • Premonition-Review in

    Premonition - Visions Of Emptiness

    Punkte: 8/10 ; Autor: Chris Lücker

    Wir können uns glücklich schätzen. Finde ich zumindest. Neben diversen blutleeren Veröffentlichungen kommen nämlich nicht nur immer noch aktuelle Alben ins Haus, die

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  •  Premonition-Review in Rock Hard

    Punkte: 9/10 ; Autor: Boris Kaiser

    Hell fuckin´ yeah! Stephan Becker, in den frühen neunziger Jahren neben unserem Patrick Schmidt, Andreas Reissnauer (heute Metal Blade) und Andy Siry (heute Nuclear Blast) eine

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