Life Artist - Lifelines

Finally the long wait is over! "Lifelines", the self-recorded new album from german Progressive Metal pioneers "Life Artist"  was finally completed in May 2021. The mastering was carried out by Matt Korr in the Red Roof Studio Loftsound in July 2021 and finally Ragnarök Records is very happy to announce the release date: The second Life Artist album "Lifelines" will be available for purchase on August 27, 2021!

"Lifelines" is a musical roller coaster ride through various musical genres. While the foundation is still varied Progressive Metal, the band dares to venture into other genres such as Death Metal, Djent, classic Progressive Rock, Thrash and even jazzy and classical sounds appear on the album.

Ragnarök Records is incredibly proud to be able to present you this remarkable album as the 25th label release. For every Prog Metal fan this album is an essential purchase!

Selling Points:

  • limited edition (500 copies only)
  • A 53-minute-long musical adventure through various (metal) genres
  • High quality 16-page booklet with elaborately designed illustrations
  • Several musical guests: John Knight (SynaptiK), Andreas Lohse (Moment Of Detonation), Haye Graf (Bleeding), Andreas Pilger (violin)


  1. Prelude: The Architect
  2. Of Lambs And Lions
  3. Lifelines
  4. Tightrope Walker
  5. Spirit Of The Sea
  6. Interlude: Shadowplay
  7. Sacrilege Of Sisyphos
  8. Labyrinths Of Time And Space
  9. Epilogue: Miniature No.1


Life Artist - Spirit Of The Sea
Life Artist - Of Lambs And Lions
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Delivery time: 4-7 days
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