Rawhead - Demonstrations

This new anthology, “Demonstrations”, contains all material from Rawhead’s three demos: “Something Crushes Spine” (1991); “Bones Of All Men” (1992); and “The Last One” (1994), arranged in a track order that packs a punch. It’s proof that they had and still have a lot to offer thrash lunatics and die hard metal fans. From the speed pounding of “Something Crushes Spine” to the rapid fire power of “Bones of all Men” to the psychotic gloom of “The Last One” this anthology demonstrates the potential of this killer machine. Though the nineties may not have marked a break for them, “Demonstrations” is a worthy legacy and a view into the underbelly of a powerful time in music.


  1. War Machine (1992)
  2. Walk From Faith (1992)
  3. Staring At The Sun (1992)
  4. Head Wound (1994)
  5. Mine (1994)
  6. Sleep (1994)
  7. Untitled (1991)
  8. Nameless One (1992)
  9. Chasing Death (1991)
  10. Stillborn (1991)
  11. End Of Time (1991)

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